10 Best Things to do When in Dubai


Dubai is one exotic location that seamlessly combines tradition and ambition, as shown through its awe-inspiring skyscrapers, which look like they came out of a science fiction movie, magnificent historical structures that showcase their long-held tradition, and souqs that will take you back at a time when they are your only alternative to a shopping center.

What is amazing in all these, is that modernity is not lost on traditions and vice versa. Dubai as a fascinating travel destination is an understatement.

There is simply no one word that can really describe this amazing place, because when you do get to see and experience it, there will be no words to describe exactly how you feel.

Of course, what really matters to a visitor is Dubai’s offer of sightseeing and activities. Well, this city will not disappoint, as there is no shortage of things to see, do and enjoy.


10 Best Things to do When in Dubai


#1. Dubai Mall & Musical Fountain Show

Are you in search of a different form of entertainment, one where performers are quite unexpected? Head out to the Dubai Mall and watch the Musical Fountain Show held twice daily in the afternoons.

The dancing water shooting out of the fountains is a spectacular sight to behold, more so with the addition of music and over 6,000 superlights. Water, lights and sounds may not be your usual performers, but the musical show is one of the top things you should watch when in Dubai.

Performed on the Burj Khalifa Lake, your senses will surely be treated to a spectrum of delights.


#2.Burj Khalifa


Didn’t Tom Cruise flew out of one of the rooms of the Burj Khalifa in one of the installments of his movie Mission Impossible? Even in the midst of all the action, the magnificent skyscraper was never lost in the background. It was just as imposing and stunning.

Then again, who would miss the tallest building in the world, towering all over the city at over 300m tall? Make sure you head up to the observation deck at the 124th floor to get a panoramic and, for some, vertigo-inducing view of the city.

You should note, however, that the observation deck is just halfway up the tower. Now what would you give to set foot on the topmost part of the building?


#3.Dubai Museum and Dubai Creek


Located in Dubai Creek’s Bur Dubai side, a visit to the Dubai Museum is something you should not miss during your vacation. It is, after all, your ticket to understanding and witnessing exactly how Dubai rose from its Bedouin roots into a cosmopolitan metropolis. Here, you will find life-sized dioramas, and exhibits of archaeological finds from excavations done in the desert.

After a walk down memory lane, you can then relax and enjoy the city’s view from the waters during a cruise along the Dubai Creek.


#4.Atlantis the Palm


Aptly named, the Atlantis Hotel is definitely reminiscent of the fabled underwater city, what with its magnificent structures and impressive layout. Ever wondered why it is also called The Palm? View it from the top and you’ll find out why.

Booking into its resorts and residences would undoubtedly feel like you “check into another world”.

Apart from the 5-star hotel, it is also home to award-winning restaurants, excellent spa & fitness amenities, and its very own marine and waterpark. Everything you need to see and experience during your holiday is provided in one place.

Stay at the Atlantis Hotel and you won’t have to go anywhere else.


#5.Wild Wadi Park.


Whether you travel alone, or with friends or family, you should check out Wild Wadi and everything that it has to offer.

As a water park, it is the perfect location to cool off and enjoy the rides, which are not your typical choice of water rides and slides. There is also a tidal pool, waterfalls and swimming holes that you can enjoy.

Because it is in Dubai, expect Wild Wadi to be something out of a fairy tale – colorful, exciting and fun.


#6.Visit Abu Dhabi – Ferrari World, Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi is a Must See

Not far from heart of Dubai is another popular tourist destination in UAE – Abu Dhabi. Of course, with the Grand Mosque and the Ferrari World as two of its many tourist sights, it is sure to attract travelers from all over the world.

The Grand Mosque is not only the hub of religious and cultural life of Dubai, but an architectural wonder, with a minaret that stands tall and proud. It is also the only area where non-Muslims are allowed to enter and take pictures.

The Ferrari World is a theme park that pays homage to the famous car brand. It is the only one in the world, with a race track that would make professional racers and enthusiasts very happy to be cruising on round and round.


#7. Beach


Dubai is not only renowned for its sci-fiesque skyscrapers and vast desert, but also its beaches. Yes, there are beaches in Dubai that are visited all-year round. The water gets quite hot in summer (99°F), a little cooler in winter (75°F), and lukewarm in spring and fall (85°F).

One of the most popular is the Jumeirah Beach, which is an all-time favorite because of its accessibility. It is also close to the Walk in Jumeirah Beach Residence and the Jumeirah Mosque.


#8. Visit Deira Gold Souk


This famous Gold Souk in Deira is a favorite destination by sightseers and shoppers alike, what with gold being displayed in large quantities and with minimum security. It dazzles, no doubt about it.

The souk has been popular since the 1940s, and is likely to remain so for as long as it exists. It is also one of the many reasons that people travel or spend their holiday in Dubai.


#9.Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina
Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina – Dubai Holiday Package

Sign up for a Dhow Cruise and a dinner for two, and take your Dubai holiday to a whole new level.

This is one way to get a good view of the city from the waters, while enjoying delightful meals and drinks. Take a cruise by night and be treated to a dazzling display of lights courtesy of Dubai’s skyline.


#10.Desert Safari

Desert Safari
Desert Safari is a highlight of Dubai Holiday Package

One of the best way to enjoy the Dubai outdoors is to go on a Desert Safari, also known as Dune Bashing.

With this activity, you get to choose how you wish to explore the desert – aboard a 4×4 safari jeep, dune buggies, quad bikes and sand boards. Whichever you choose, you will be able to feed your hunger for some fun and adventure out in the sun and on the desert.



The list is not exhaustive. With the size of Dubai and the many wonders it offers, your trip to this fascinating city would be filled with excitement and fun.





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