Five Things to Do in Dubai with Kids

Legoland® DUBAI

Dubai is not only a playground for adults, but for kids too, with a number of attractions that enable families to explore the city as a unit, leaving no one out of the fun.

From adrenaline-fueled water parks to outdoor activities, we take a look at a few of the most popular things to do in Dubai with your little ones during your Dubai family vacation in the city:

Five Things to Do in Dubai with Kids



Enjoy A Fun Day At A Theme Park

Dubai For Kids - Five Things to Do in Dubai with Kids
Legoland® DUBAI

There are a number of theme parks in Dubai, some of which cater to the smaller members of the family to ensure that they have rides they can enjoy without feeling scared and so that they can get in on the action, too, without feeling left out.

SEGA Republic is one of these theme parks. Situated indoors at The Dubai Mall, SEGA Republic consists of two floors of theme park rides, and an endless selection of arcade games.

Another example is Legoland® DUBAI, a theme park aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 12. Legoland® is a theme park for children that includes six different lands that have a number of attractions and activities, dining options and shops.

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Take A Walk In The Park

dubai-miracle-garden-Five Things to Do in Dubai with Kids
Miracle Garden, Dubai

Dubai has a number of lush parks situated throughout the concrete jungle, believe it or not. One of the most popular parks is Creek Park, located alongside Dubai Creek.

The park is popular because it has a number of amenities aimed to make sure all visitors have a great day out with their friends or family.

Some of which include vast acres of rolling lawn, a swimming pool, kids’ play areas, its very own cable car, an amphitheatre, restaurants and barbecue areas.


Learn Something New

Dubai For Kids 1

Holidays are a great way to inject some extra learning into your children’s lives in a fun and interesting way.

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Understanding holds a number of fun excursions that give travellers of all ages insight into Dubai’s history, culture and religion through trips to the Jumeirah Mosque and eating traditional food, that educates the whole family in interesting ways.

An attraction focused more on children’s learning, however, is Children’s City. The first educational city in the UAE that is devoted to children between the ages of two and fifteen, Children’s City give children the opportunity to learn about everything from space to our bodies, the world we live in to international culture, through fun galleries.

Five Things to Do in Dubai with Kids


Visit The Aquarium

Visiting the aquarium, no matter where you are in the world, is a novelty experience when travelling.

Children love to see what lives under the sea – and are always amazed by the dangerous predators – while learning about all of the different species.

One of the most popular aquariums in Dubai is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo at The Dubai Mall, as it not only offers kids the chance to see a number of sea creatures, but interact with them through a variety of shows, presentations and tours.

Five Things to Do in Dubai with Kids



Enjoy An Entertaining Meal

Mealtimes can be boring, but they don’t have to be. Especially not when you are on holiday in Dubai.

There are so many restaurants families can choose from, but my favourite family restaurant has to be the Rainforest Café!

Families are seated at their table in the lush jungle, surrounded by crocodiles, gorillas, butterflies and jaguars, all of which are brought to life using animatronics and special effects, making this a very unique and fun dining experience for all!

What’s more, all the food on the menu has a jungle-inspired name, which makes everything sound exotic and delicious!

It is so easy to get caught up in what you want to do while you’re on holiday as a parent, don’t forget to spoil your children too!

Five Things to Do in Dubai with Kids



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