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La Vacanza Travel is a leading holiday company with its head office in New Delhi, India. La Vacanza Travel Blog is an official blog of La Vacanza Travel.


La-Vacanza-Travel-Blog-guest-postWe have put together this travel blog  (In English as well as Hindi | हिंदी ) for travellers planning to visit India or Indian travellers planning to visit any part of the world.

We love gathering and sharing information, tips, experiences and hidden secrets for everyone to benefit, read, know and experience during their travel.

Guest Post is our initiative for getting contribution from travellers, writers, bloggers who are as passionate as we are for travel.


Content of Guest Post


  •  Your content could be your travel experience, information of destination, how to travel, cuisine, about people, festivals or anything interesting and relevant for a traveller to know and can be Useful information for a traveller planning to travel.
  • You may write in Hindi or English, however if your article is about India it must be in English language only.




Terms & Conditions



  • Submitted content should be original, we follow a complete process to check if the content is copied or has already been published online.
  • Please check with us if you want a link from within the content, and it can only go to a post on your own site or to your own social network. Directing traffic towards commercial websites is absolutely prohibited.
  • We will only accept articles or post from individuals, travel enthusiasts, writers and bloggers.
    We can edit, add / delete content, add / delete pictures.




  • la-vacanza-travel-write-for-us1You post should not be less than be 500 words.
  • You should Include a bio with your article with a maximum of two personal links ( To your own site or you own social network account)
  • You should use h2 tags for main headings and h4 for sub headings
  • You should use paragraphs, each paragraph should not be more than 3 / 4 sentences.
  • You should include relevant Images (Min 750 x 550), if you do not have relevant images clicked by you, leave it to us. Please do not include images downloaded from Internet.


How to Submit Guest Post




  • If you have an idea, please contact us to discuss
  • If you already have an article that meets our guidelines, feel free to submit for us to review.




What do you get in return





  • Link to your website or Social media network ( Max 02)
  • Promotion of your post through our social networks.




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