My On The Job Training at La Vacanza Travel – Karishma Narsinghani, BHU, Varanasi


Hello everyone!!! I am Karishma Narsinghani from the holy city VARANASI, A student in Masters in Tourism Administration, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

My On The Job Training at La Vacanza Travel – Karishma Narsinghani, BHU, Varanasi




building-varanasi-indiaVaranasi, Uttar Pradesh




Varanasi also known as Benaras, Banaras, or Kashi and is one of the oldest living cities in the world. Varanasi is a North Indian city on the banks of river Ganga. Famous for its Ghats, temples, and history which you find in every corner of the city. Varanasi is a city where even death is also celebrated.


And that is what I am – A BANARSI.

About Me – Karishma Narsinghani


karishma Narsinghani




Starting with my school life I did my schooling in commerce stream, then in Graduation I did along with the degree I also did two-years Diploma in Travel Management from BHU. After passing graduation I got admission in Masters in Tourism Administration in BHU.








Masters in Tourism Administration, BHU




Masters in Tourism Administration is a 2-year professional course which provides degree in Travel and Tourism which is basic to work in Travel Industry. In my course MTA we are taught the basic knowledge of travel and tour, principles of tourism, what is Inbound and Outbound travel, tourism marketing, glimpses of Indian Culture and Heritage etc.








On The Job Training



In my course curriculum there is a paper of SUMMER INTERNSHIP and TRAINING ( On The Job Training ) which brought me here in La Vacanza Travel, New Delhi.


Internship is basically for practical exposure of MTA (Masters in Tourism Administration ) students in travel industry. Training must be of 3-4 weeks, it is the first step towards making of our career. When I got a chance to work with La Vacanza travel, New Delhi I was very much excited, happy but a little nervous too.


I have never been far from my home and family for such a long time so I was like how I am going to live without them how am I going to adjust. But in the end all went good because when you think you can do something you do that. In starting it was tough but in the end it’s fruitful to you only.



La Vacanza Travel


La Vacanza Travel is a leading travel agency headquartered in New Delhi. It specialises mainly in Holidays, Sightseeing & Activities World wide, Corporate Meetings & Incentive  and Hotel bookings. ‘La Vacanza’ literally means ‘The Holiday’.





“Your Holiday is our Destination” is their Motto and La Vacanza Travel really commits authentic and holistic travel experiences to Discover new off-the beaten track tourist places, fun holidays with Family or Honeymoon trip etc. , They also offer ‘sightseeing and activities‘ worldwide from their website  ‘Sightseeing & Activities’ in over 132 countries worldwide besides a choice of 200,000+ hotels in budget, moderate or luxury categories.



La Vacanza Travel has following departments as below:

  1. Sales Department: Sales Department is the backbone of the company.
  2. Operations Department: Operations Department is the key part of company. Without operations no company can work.
  3. Information Technology Department: IT Department looks after the online site management.
  4. Accounts Department: Accounts Department maintains the account of company.


What I Learned from La Vacanza Travel:

First day when I started, I came with a blank mind. I didn’t know what I have to do, what is actually working in a travel company, what kind of work we will be assigned etc. But in 45 days I think I got a bit taste of working in every department. These 45 days meant a lot in building of my career. From theoretical life it was my first step towards practical life.



A. Operations Department ( La Vacanza Travel ) :  

First day when I came in La Vacanza, I was asked if I would like to start with Sales or Operations. I wanted to start from operations department. Working in operations was in fact very good. The first work I got was to search transporters in Venlo, Netherlands.

It was for the first time I heard name ‘Venlo’ ( It is in Netherland ),  you can imagine what my condition was at that time. Although I did finished my job. Then slowly I got worked more in operations to gradually learn filing work, how to make vouchers, tour summary, invoice, and travel tips. I also worked on itinerary, docket preparation, preparing handovers for customers and Holiday makers. This assignment continued in operations for almost 25 days it was a great learning experience, I learned many things. And the most important thing that everyone taught me very cooperatively.

B. Sales Department ( La Vacanza Travel ) :  

After I was done with operations I was shifted to Sales. The Sales team in La Vacanza Travel is one of the best in travel trade it was very good for me personally to work with this team. Every one contribute in my learning. I was assigned to talk to travel agencies by calling them and discussing queries and developing relation. To successfully work in industry you need to develop your relationships with the direct customers , corporates and Travel agencies. I generated queries and along with the help of my other colleagues reverted and followed up. Another important work I did was costing and making proposal. Now I know what is the formal way to revert a query and sending a proposal. I worked in sales for 18 days.

C. Information Technology Department ( La Vacanza Travel:  

Next was IT, it was for just 2 days. It was shocking for me  because I knew only basics of computer. The task was to  write comments on the blog related to travel. In the beginning it was kind of boring to read blog and then post comments, but after 2-3 comments I was enjoying  reading blogs, knowing the thoughts of bloggers, knowing about a place, reviews of people around the world etc. It was so much fun. Because of this work I came to know about various cities around the world and what kind of sightseeing and activities are possible in there. Before this I didn’t knew that it is possible to swim with sharks, but the is one activity available in La Vacanza Travel website. What about whale snorkeling? Although I work for just 2 days but I learned many new things.

D. Reading about different countries ( La Vacanza Travel:  

Whichever department, I used to work every day bit by bit I learned about different cities. Starting from Far East Thailand I learned basic things about Thailand, sightseeing in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi etc. Then we learned about Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highland, Dubai, Macau, Hong Kong etc. Reading about these cities gave me a lot of knowledge it will be beneficial for my future only. Because of the La Vacanza team I got the opportunity to learn so many new things. This would not have been possible otherwise.



This was my whole journey with La Vacanza Travel. Thank you La Vacanza leadership Team for selecting me as a trainee and showing faith that I can learn many things from this place.




Thank you operation head and its team for teaching me the complete process of operations with all possible learning and taking out time to teach me.




I would like to thank our Sales head and B2B sales team who taught me the way of communication which is the most important thing for any travel company or even daily life.




I would like to thank our Development Head and SEO expert in IT department for sharing things which were completely new to me. Now I know the technicalities involved in Online business.




I didn’t get a chance to work with accounts section even though I wanted to, without a good account team no company is complete.





It was my pleasure to be a part of complete team for 2 months.




Teams which make me learn many things and creating interest to work in future with all my efforts and hard work as a colleague with them. You guys rock!! Thank you so much for such a fun trip, for making me a part of team.

Hope to see you all very soon. Thank you for everything…..

Miss you all…..



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Karishma Narsinghani

Hello everyone!! I am Karishma Narsinghani from the holy city of VARANASI, also known as Banaras or Kashi. It is one of the oldest living cities in the world on the banks of river Ganga. I am a student of Tourism In Banaras Hindu University
Karishma Narsinghani